water pressure reduction saves water

A water pressure reduction strategy begins by installing water pressure reducing valves.

The use of such valves is one way for Los Angeles homeowners to decrease their daily water consumption and support Governor Jerry Brown’s plea to conserve water during California’s state wide drought crisis.

Because flow rate is related to pressure, the maximum water flow from a plumbing fixture, like a faucet, operating on a fixed setting can be reduced if the water pressure is reduced.

For example, a reduction in water pressure from 100psi to 50psi at an outlet can result in a water flow reduction of about 1/3.

Since a typical family of four in Los Angeles uses 500 gallons per day (according to LA Dept Public Works), that would mean a savings of approximately 167 gallons of water per day! Over a 1 year that amounts to approximately 61,000 gallons of water!

What does 61,000 gallons of water look like? You could fill 3 average swimming pools with that much water.

Additional benefits of a water pressure reduction strategy

A reduction in water pressure can save water in other ways, like reducing the likelihood of these plumbing problems:

  • Prevent leaking water pipes
  • Prevent leaking water heaters
  • Prevent dripping faucets
  • Prevent dishwasher and washing machine noise
  • Prevent plumbing system breakdowns

All these plumbing repairs cost money, so reducing the chances of them from occurring in the first place is the same as saving money.

Bottom line: a water pressure reducing valve installation is a smart and inexpensive way to:

  • Save Water
  • Save Energy
  • Save Wastewater
  • Save Maintenance
  • Save Money

Other water conservation tips include the installation of high efficiency low flow toilets, shower heads and faucet aerators.

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