water presure reducing valve installation

A water pressure reducing valve, also called a water pressure regulator, is designed to reduce incoming main water pressure levels in order to protect plumbing system components and reduce water consumption.

Over time a water pressure reducing valve can malfunction or get damaged or clogged from loose scale, dirt and other foreign matter. Therefore it’s important you have our Los Angeles plumbers inspect it annually to assure maximum life and performance.

If the valve is too damaged for a simple maintenance repair, we recommend a new installation.

We choose lead-free water pressure reducing valves suitable for water supply pressures up to 400psi and may be adjusted from 25psi to 75psi. The standard setting is 50psi.

All valves comply with California state codes and standards that require reduced lead content. Standard capacity valves come in many sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inches.

Since all parts are quickly and easily serviceable, there is no need for us to remove the valve from the main line.

The standard bypass feature permits the flow of water back through the valve into the main when pressures, due to thermal expansion on the outlet side of the valve, exceed the pressure in the main supply.

We perform three types of water pressure reducing valve installations and/or maintenance for Los Angeles homeowners in accordance with local codes and ordinances. We ensure the reducing value is accessible with sufficient clearance for cleaning, service, or adjustment.

typical water pressure reducing valve installation

Typical Installation Diagram

series water pressure reducing valve installation

Series Installation Diagram

Series installations are recommended where very high supply pressure must be reduced to a very low downstream pressure. Reducing the pressure in stages eliminates whistling and noise.

parallel water pressure reducing valve installation

Parallel Installation Diagram

Parallel installations are recommended where high flow or low flow demand is intermittent or occasional. They are also used for installations where service cannot be interrupted.

If you attempt to install the valve yourself, make sure that the pipe ends are reamed and threads are cut to size. After installation, start up by opening the cold water supply then the hot water supply, and inspect for leaks. To adjust the water pressure setting, loosen the lock nut and turn the adjusting bolt clockwise to increase pressure, counterclockwise to decrease pressure.

How much does a water pressure reducing valve installation cost in Los Angeles?

The cost to replace and install a water pressure regulating valve in Los Angeles ranges from $450 to $875 (parts and labor) depending on the regulator’s size. For example, a good quality 3/4″ pressure reducing valve costs between $100 to $150. Larger sizes cost more.

If homeowners are unsure if they need a replacement, we can perform a water pressure reducing valve inspection. If we determine there is no need to repair or replace the valve, our fee is $70.

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