water main break

What if your water main line broke and flooded your Los Angeles home and caused a massive sink hole?

This is exactly what happened yesterday at UCLA when a 93 year old water main broke. For nearly 4 hours the water poured across the school’s campus before the water flow valves in the trunkline could be shut off.

The LADWP reported the massive water pipe break spilled between 8 to 10 million gallons of water.

If you consider that an Olympic sized swimming pool holds 20,500 gallons of water, then yesterday’s water main break could have filled approximately 390 to 487 Olympic sized swimming pools!

“We lost a lot of water, around 35,000 gallons a minute, which is not ideal in the worst drought in the city’s history” City Councilman Paul Koretz said.

Causes of a water main break

Age is the #1 cause of a burst water main break. It has been reported that the 30-inch water main line at UCLA was over 90 years old. Corrosion is another reason. Corroded galvanized steel pipes can easily rupture. Last, earthquakes can shake a water main line violently causing it to rupture under the seismic stress.

How to prevent a water main break

We wish we could tell that a water main break will never happen in your Los Angeles home, or install some type of sensor technology that would alert you in advance of a pipe burst.

In addition to recognizing warning signs of a leaking pipe, you can take preventative steps to know whether your pipes may be at risk or in danger of breaking.

Get a home pipe inspection.

At Coast to Coast Plumbing in Los Angeles, our technicians are trained to identify any possible warning signs of decaying residential pipe systems. It is very common, for example, for homeowners in West LA to request a pipe inspection on their property since many of these homes were built in the 1920s and 1930s. Over the past 90 years the pipes have become corroded and brittle.

If during the inspection we see tell-tale signs of pipe decay, we will recommend replacing the most damaged sections or replace the entire system with copper pipes or PEX piping.

Our inspection fee is between $80 to $150 depending on the property’s lot size.

If you need a licensed plumber in Los Angeles to inspect your pipe system for signs of a potential water main break, call Coast to Coast Plumbing at 877-262-7861 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.