clogged sewer line warning signs

A clogged sewer line in your Los Angeles home should be taken seriously.

By failing to identify the warning signs, or ignoring them, you run the risk that things could get worse and result in costly sewer line repair bills including trenchless sewer replacement methods like pipe lining and pipe bursting.

We believe all Los Angeles homeowners should know how to identify warning signs that usually indicate a clogged sewer line problem.

Sadly, Los Angeles has many plumbing companies that are not honest and upfront. These unlicensed, uninsured, unethical plumbers prey on homeowners who suspect they may have a clogged sewer line but not sure how to confirm its existence.

We want our customers to be in the know. We want them to learn how to identify the warning signs of a clogged sewer line problem and ask the right questions so they are 100% satisfied we are being upfront and honest in our assessment and recommendation before they agree to hire us.

Be sure you can identify the warning signs that your Los Angeles house may have a clogged sewer line due to drain problems from these plumbing fixtures or appliances.

Toilet Warning Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

toilet warnings signs

Flush your bathroom toilet(s) and see if the water backs up or appears in your tub(s) or shower(s).

  • Does the water flush slower than normal?
  • Do you hear any strange noises like gurgling?
  • Do any debris or particles (e.g. tree roots) appear in the bowl?
  • Does the water color appear cloudy?

If any of these things happen it is likely you have a clogged sewer line happening most likely from tree roots.

It goes without saying that if the toilet overflows there is a sewer clog.

Faucet Sink Warning Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

faucet sinks warnings signs

Turn on your bathroom faucet sink(s) at the same time you flush your bathroom toilet(s) and turn on your shower(s).

  • Does the toilet’s water level rise while both fixtures are running?
  • Does the water bubble or gurgle in the toilet bowl?

Also look closely whether the faucet water color changes.

  • Does the water color appear cloudy or smell bad?

Any of these warning signs could mean you have a clogged sewer line.

Washing Machine Warning Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

washing machine warning signs

Turn on your washing machine and see if your bathroom toilet(s) water rises or overflows. Sometimes the toilet(s) may begin to drain even though you didn’t flush them.

Both signs could be a problem with a clogged sewer line, especially if the washing machine and toilet(s) are located on the same drain line.

Cleanout Access Warning Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

cleanout access warnings signs

Assuming you know where to locate your cleanout access(s), unscrew and remove its cap and look inside. Be sure to have a bucket and mop ready.

If water and debris immediately pours out, and you see globs of toilet tissue or knots of tree roots, then you definitely have a clogged sewer line.

If you have a clogged sewer line in your Los Angeles home we recommend you let our sewer cleaning specialists take control.

Don’t try to clear the sewer line yourself because all too often you will spend an entire day buying tools and equipment, trying various drain cleaning methods, only to find nothing works to your satisfaction or worse, the same warning signs reappear. Save yourself time and money by calling us to fix your sewer line problem without hassle or delay.

We have seen hundreds of clogged sewer line scenarios, so what you are encountering at home will not surprise us. Call us today.

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