Los Angeles homeowners choose the “Pipe Bursting” method to repair damaged, collapsed, corroded, and leaking sewer pipe lines.

Pipe Bursting, is another “no dig” sewer pipe replacement alternative that provides numerous benefits over the traditional “dig and back fill” method.

Watch this animation video to understand how pipe bursting works and why it’s so popular in Los Angeles.

Pipe bursting requires we dig two small holes where the damaged sewer pipe begins and ends.

An expander head (bursting head) is introduced into the defective pipeline through a “launching pit”.

Using a hydraulic machine, the expander head travels through the pipeline toward the “receiving pit” pulling a full seamless replacement pipe. During this process, your old pipe breaks (bursts), pushing the pieces into the surrounding soil.

Trenchless sewer pipe bursting in Los Angeles has many benefits, such as:

  • Quick and quiet turnaround installation in hours
  • Stronger than pipe lining
  • Upsize old pipes to bigger sizes to increase flow
  • Correct minor grading problems existent in old pipes
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