If you’re a Los Angeles homeowner in the research phase of remodeling your bathroom(s), be sure to ask our expertise for a shower fixtures installation that complements your new bathroom design(s), and stays within your bathroom remodeling budget.

If you require a basic shower head installation, shower jets installation (shower body spray), or detailed plan how-to convert a shower stall into a modern spa-like steam shower, we can make your dream come true.

We have the knowledge and experience to install new shower fixtures that will require additional water demands. For example, your new shower system may require more hot water to ensure a drenching shower without running short.

Shower head installation

shower heads installation in los angeles

Our expert plumbers have the necessary knowledge and skills to quickly replace an old shower head that is not worth repairing or is inefficient.

We can help you choose and install a new shower head based on function, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal:

  • Handheld shower heads
  • Double shower heads
  • Triple shower heads
  • Waterfall shower heads

Whether you choose multiple heads for evenly distributed pressure or a handheld shower head for ultimate control, all our shower fixture installations will guarantee a luxurious shower .. rain, massage, high pressure.

watersense logo

We encourage customers select shower heads with a WaterSense® label because they are more water efficient than standard shower heads.

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Shower jets installation

shower jets installation

To install a custom shower system properly requires the sum total of all flow rates (shower heads, hand showers, shower jets or vertical shower body sprays, steam vents) does not exceed the maximum flow rate of the valves that supply them.

If our plumbers calculate your current water conditions are not sufficient to support your dream shower system, they can make any necessary changes to your existing plumbing, such as :

Although it feels wonderful to be showered from 5 or more shower jets all around your body, you need to be aware your energy costs and water usage will most certainly increase.

Even after installing shower jets with the WaterSense® label, you still will be consuming more water and energy.