Trenchless sewer pipe replacement methods like “pipe bursting” or “pipe lining (also known as “pipe relining”) require little digging, minimize cost, reduce clean up time, and cost less than a traditional sewer replacement involving heavy duty excavation equipment tools.

It’s because of these benefits we recommend homeowners choose “trenchless” sewer replacement in Los Angeles, especially when a broken sewer line is beyond a standard repair.

Sewer Pipe Lining Replacement

Trenchless pipe lining (relining) is a much better way to replace or repair a sewer pipe in Los Angeles than the old traditional method of digging a deep trench (usually 4 to 6 feet underground) to expose the pipeline’s entire length.

Pipe lining, also called cured-in place pipe or CIPP, creates a “pipe within a pipe” to repair a damaged sewer pipe. We can perform pipe lining through a clean-out access with little digging required.

By applying epoxy relining materials to the pipe’s inside, a new smooth inner wall is created to restore pipe function and flow.

Trenchless sewer pipe lining benefits include:

  • Quick and quiet turnaround installation in hours
  • Less cost and clean up
  • More durability and strength to the piping system
  • Non-hazardous epoxy lining safe for the environment
  • Zero risk of tree root intrusion
  • Guaranteed warranty on pipe lining materials

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Sewer Pipe Bursting Replacement

Pipe bursting is another “trenchless” sewer pipe replacement method in Los Angeles that does not involve traditional pipe excavation that can disrupt your driveway, trees and landscaping.

Pipe bursting requires we dig two small holes where the damaged sewer pipe begins and ends.

An expander head (bursting head) is introduced into the defective pipeline through a “launching pit”.

Using a hydraulic machine, the expander head travels through the pipeline toward the “receiving pit” pulling a full seamless replacement pipe. During this process, your old pipe breaks (bursts), pushing the pieces into the surrounding soil.

Trenchless sewer pipe bursting benefits include:

  • Quick and quiet turnaround installation in hours
  • Stronger than pipe lining
  • Upsize old pipes to bigger sizes to increase flow
  • Correct minor grading problems existent in old pipes