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Sewer laterals in Los Angeles homes older than 50 years have usually never been replaced. Eventually pipe fatigue will occur and result in cracks and leaks. Leaking sewer laterals cause raw sewage to be released into the ground which is not good for the environment. Plus, a broken sewer lateral can overload the sewer system which contributes to spills.

In the diagram above, the homeowner is responsible to obtain a Los Angeles sewer permit if the sewer lateral, sometimes referred to as the lower lateral, is damaged or broken in the public right-of-way.

Do I need a city sewer permit (S permit) to fix my broken sewer lateral?

Yes, according to Los Angeles Municipal Code:

“No person shall make, construct, alter, or repair any house connection sewer, bonded house connection sewer, special house connection sewer, industrial waste sewer connection, industrial waste storm drain connection, stormdrain connection, or special drainage connection, or any portion of any such sewer or storm drain connections, including sampling manholes, or connect any house sewer, soil pipe, or plumbing to any such sewer or storm drain connections or to a sewer or storm drain under the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles, without first obtaining a written permit therefor from the Board of Public Works.”
Coast to Coast Plumbing has met the requirements of the City of Los Angeles and is listed as a bonded sewer contractor. This means we are authorized to pull the permit to repair or replace your sewer lateral underneath a city street or public right-of-way.

We use various sewer pipe replacement methods to fix sewer laterals connected to the city’s main sewer line and saddle, include pipe lining, pipe bursting, and spot repairs.

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After you decide to hire us to construct, alter, repair or perform maintenance on your sewer lateral, we first contact Dig Alert. A representative comes out to your property and marks the location of all utility lines, electrical lines, cable lines, water lines, and most importantly, the location of the sewer line. This ensures that we don’t accidentally damage or cut any line.

While DigAlert is doing their thing, we are contacting the Los Angeles Public Works Department/Bureau of Engineering to obtain the necessary permits to work on your sewer laterals.

Once DigAlert is finished and we have the necessary permit, we then schedule a convenient time to begin the job.

If your sewer lateral need replacement, hire Coast to Coast Plumbing, a bonded sewer contractor in Los Angeles, at 877-262-7861 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to obtain the required sewer permit and get your sewer replacement done up to code.