Roots in Sewer Pipe Inspection

Spring is officially here! While we love to watch the trees bloom, we fail to see the harmful effects their roots are doing underground…

It happens all the time .. tree roots getting into sewer pipes and causing mayhem for Los Angeles homeowners.

The phone call begins, “I think I have a problem with roots in my sewer line.”

The customer proceeds to tell us their story which sounds like this…

“I bought a 50’ drain auger at my local hardware store to try to fix my sewer drain problem myself. When I pulled the cable out I saw a bunch of roots sticking to it. I repeated the process and kept getting more and more roots. It never seemed to end! After an hour I gave up. A week has passed and I’m still seeing small particles of tree root debris after I flush my toilets.”

While this “do-it-yourself” drain cleaning method is inexpensive, it’s not accurate and may result in further damage to your sewer pipe.

Some residents will also tell us they’ve poured chemicals and acids into their pipes. Not only is this a health hazard and potentially dangerous, it’s not a green-friendly plumbing practice and in some states illegal depending on the chemical used.

In general, liquid root treatments often miss the roots in the sewer because they only flow along the bottom 1/3 of the pipe. Liquids can’t reach sewer roots that may be growing in from the top of the sewer pipe!

Therefore, our #1 recommendation is we perform a video camera sewer pipe inspection first.

When we insert the video camera into your sewer line, not only can we pinpoint the locations of the invasive root infiltrations, we can also see the extent of the root damage. Roots often grow at pipe joints every 3’ and if not properly cleared can eventually expand the joint to crack or burst.

After completing the video camera sewer pipe inspection, we can then make a solid determination based on physical evidence what needs to be done next.

The best scenario is the sewer roots can be 100% removed with hydro jetting, a high pressure water jetting solution.

The worst scenario is the sewer roots have damaged the sewer pipe and pipe joints so much the sewer line needs to be completely replaced with a trenchless sewer pipe replacement method like pipe bursting or pipe lining.

We currently offer a free video camera pipe inspection when a customer agrees to pay for our hydro jetting service.

If a customer just wants a video camera pipe inspection, and copy for their records, we can arrange that too.

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