plumbers in hollywood movies

Plumbers understand the importance of having a good sense of humor. On a daily basis they hear lots of plumber jokes.

Humor motivates plumbers. It helps them reduce stress while doing things that most people would never attempt on their own.

Who wouldn’t want to poke fun at a guy who makes a living by unclogging toilets and drain cleaning sewers?

Hollywood understands this more than anyone.

Screenwriters have been casting “the plumber” in comedies since film making began.

At Coast to Coast Plumbing in Los Angeles, we would like to recognize plumbers in classic Hollywood movies and cartoons that continue to make generations of plumbers laugh.

We created a Top 5 list that includes many famous Hollywood actors or cartoon characters who are considered film legends.

plumbers in movies - curly in a plumbing we will go

Curly in “A Plumbing We Will Go” (1940)

All of “The Three Stooges” are hilarious as plumbers in this short film, but Curly is our favorite as the plumber who tries his best fixing a pipe leak repair but fails miserably.

plumbers in movies - bob hoskins and john leguizamo in super mario bros

Bob Hoskins in “Super Mario Brothers” (1993)

Award winning actor Bob Hoskins as “Mario” the plumber is more funny to watch than John Leguizamo as his brother “Luigi.” Plumbers who played the Mario Bros arcade game in the 80s hold a special place in their hearts for Mario.

plumbers in movies - buster keaton in a passionate plumber

Buster Keaton in “The Passionate Plumber” (1932)

The immortal film clown Buster Keaton does an amazing job playing a plumber who gets hired by a rich socialite to fix a shower head only to end up falling in love with her.

plumbers in movies - victor moore in seven year itch

Victor Moore in “The Seven Year Itch” (1955)

Victor’s Moore’s hilarious role as a plumber trying to fix a bathtub nozzle while conversing with a semi naked Marilyn Monroe is our best remembered scene.

plumbers in movies - popeye in plumbers pipe dream

Popeye in “Plumbers Pipe Dream” (1960)

Popeye may be just be a cartoon character but in Hollywood he was a major icon that made generations of TV and Movie audiences laugh. Even today our plumbers can’t stop laughing at Popeye’s attempts to stop Olive’s dripping faucet and how things quickly get out of control. If Popeye only used a simple washer…

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