pipe leak repair

Do you have water spots on a ceiling, wall, or floor? You may have a leaking pipe and need a simple pipe leak repair.

We specialize in water leak detection and can inspect your home plumbing or office plumbing pipes 24-HOURS in our Los Angeles plumbing service areas.

Let us help fix a leaking pipe from causing more water damage problems in your Los Angeles home or business.

Signs you need a pipe leak repair

Anyone who’s ever had a pipe leak understands how quickly it can become a major plumbing problem if not fixed right away.

A slow pipe drip can quickly develop into a massive pipe burst flooding entire rooms.

Too often we’ve seen a relatively tiny pipe leak explode into a series of major pipe bursts causing lots of water damage.

Don’t be like most homeowners putting it off because the leakage appeared small and no big thing at first.

Tell-tale signs you already have a water pipe leak, or may soon have a leak from a failing pipe, may include:

  • Brown or discolored water
  • Low water flow
  • Hot or warm spots in the floor
  • Soaked carpeting
  • Water spots on ceilings and walls
  • Abnormally high water bills
  • Dripping and running water noises
  • Musty odors from floors and walls
  • Sewer backup problems

Before we can fix a pipe leak, we need to know exactly where the problem leak is. We’ll begin with a video camera pipe leak inspection.

Using a flexible fiber optic cable mounted with a state-of-art, waterproof, video camera, our leak detection experts slowly insert the cable into the suspect pipe(s) and look for visible defects like cracks, collapses, corrosion, and worn out solders. If we spot a problem, we can show the customer or save the findings to a CD for their home maintenance records.

After we repair a pipe leak, we’ll attempt to understand why it happened in the first place and address those issues. For example, we have observed a number of water chemistry factors working alone or in combination to contribute piping system corrosion at a higher than normal rate:

  • Water pH (acidity) levels
  • Water O2 levels
  • Water temperature levels
  • Water pressure/velocity levels

Every homeowner will hope their water pipe leak was an isolated minor incident.

However, they need to be prepared for the possibility that a major solution is necessary and can’t be ignored, like replacing an entire pipe or tube section, or re-plumbing their entire house.

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