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Our plumbing company has LA plumbers that service and repair drain clogs, pipe leaks, and water pressure in your home or business in 60 Minutes. We also service and repair water heaters and gas lines, and replace sewer pipes using trenchless technology methods.

New customers that hire our Los Angeles plumbers get a special discount of $20 OFF any plumbing repair or service.

drain cleaning clogs

Drain Cleaning

Got a backed up drain clog in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or utility room? Have you tried to unclog a sink, toilet or bathtub drain yourself but the clog keeps returning? Let one of our expert drain cleaning plumbers in Los Angeles unclog your drain blockage using “Hydro-Jetting” anytime, anywhere in Los Angeles.

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pipe leak repair

Pipe Leak Repair

Have you begun to notice water spots on a ceiling, wall or floor? You may have a leaky pipe. We specialize in water leak detection and can inspect your plumbing pipes anytime, anywhere in Los Angeles. Let us help stop a leaking pipe from causing more water damage problems in your home or business.

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restore water pressure

Water Pressure Service

Not enough water pressure taking a shower? Too little water or too much water coming out of your faucets? Don’t panic. Our plumbers can restore your water pressure back to normal fast, anytime, anywhere in Los Angeles. Emergency water pressure service in 60 minutes or less.

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water heater repair

Water Heater Repair

No hot water? Not enough hot water? These could be signs your water heater is failing or has failed. Our water heater experts have the knowledge to troubleshoot the problem fast. We can fix any hot water heater, or if necessary install water heater, in Los Angeles under 60 minutes in most cases.

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sewer line repair replacement

Sewer Pipe Replacement

When a sewer pipe needs to be replaced, residents and businesses in Los Angeles call our sewer plumbing experts. We use the latest technology and trenchless sewer pipe replacement methods, including “Pipe Bursting” and “Pipe Lining”, to save you time and cost.

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gas line leak repair

Gas Line Leak Repair

If you need to service or repair a gas line leak, your gas company will say to call a plumber. Our licensed plumbers can repair your damaged gas line, or complete a safe gas line installation in Los Angeles, for any natural gas-powered appliance in your kitchen, living room, backyard, etc.

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