Call Coast to Coast Plumbing when you need a licensed and experienced Los Angeles plumber to install a toilet, faucet, shower fixtures (shower heads and shower jets) or water heater anywhere in our Los Angeles plumbing service areas.

We also install gas lines, water lines, garbage disposal units, and copper pipes in Los Angeles.

toilet installation

Toilet Installation

Sometimes a new toilet installation is more practical than a toilet repair in terms of saving time, money and energy, especially if you need to install a toilet for a bathroom remodeling project in your Los Angeles home. We are familiar with all of the best toilet brands and can assist you in toilet selection to fit your bathroom parameters and personal needs.

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faucet installation

Faucet Installation

You should not attempt a faucet installation on your own if you are not the “handy-do-it-yourself” type. Let a professional plumber install a faucet with normal water pressure and faucet flow in your Los Angeles home. We are familiar with all of the best faucet brands and can assist you in faucet selection to match your your bathroom or kitchen needs.

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shower head installation

Shower Fixtures Installation

To have a plumber install shower heads and shower jets, or convert a shower stall into a modern spa-like steam shower, guarantees a heavenly experience! We know how-to properly install any new shower fixture that will require additional water demands like more hot water to ensure a long drenching shower.

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water heater installation

Water Heater Installation

Tired of spending money to service, repair and fix water heater problems? Got a sticky note constantly reminding you to “replace water heater” today? Then maybe it’s time for a new water heater installation. We can install a gas, oil, electric, tankless water heater throughout our Los Angeles plumbing service areas.

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water supply line installation

Water Supply Line Installation

Need to replace or install a water supply line hose and valve to a fixture or appliance in your kitchen, bathroom, basement or laundry room? Wish you had a larger main water supply pipe to provide more water flow for a new sprinkler system or house addition? Then speak to us. We handle all types of water supply line installations in Los Angeles.

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gas line installation

Gas Line Installation

If you need to install a new gas line or gas appliance connector on your property, your local gas company will tell you to call a plumber. Our licensed, insured, bonded, and BBB accredited plumbing company knows how to safely complete a gas line installation, or gas appliance connector installation, in Los Angeles that is up to code.

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garbage disposal installation

Garbage Disposal Installation

When your in-sink garbage disposal is beyond repair and continues to not work, jam, or develop leaks and clogs, we recommend a new garbage disposal installation. If you are located in our Los Angeles service areas, we can send a plumber to install a garbage disposal under 60 minutes in most cases.

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copper pipes installation

Copper Pipe Installation

To have a plumber install copper pipes throughout an old home with iron pipes provides numerous long term benefits. We have years of copper repipe experience in Los Angeles to properly replace old galvanized pipes with new copper pipes in order to prevent rust, bacteria growth, metal erosion, pipe leaks and bursts.

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