Earthquake Gas Shut-Off Valve Installation

Having an automatic earthquake gas shut-off valve installation completed by our qualified Los Angeles plumbers is an inexpensive plumbing recommendation to protect your Los Angeles home from burning down in earthquake related fires. It provides you peace of mind that gas will not flow through earthquake damaged or broken pipes, thus greatly reducing the risk of fire after an earthquake or aftershocks. This is especially important if you are not at home when a 5.4 magnitude earthquake hits, or an earthquake injury prevents you from turning the manual valve off by yourself.

How dependable is a gas shut-off valve installation in Los Angeles?

We use earthquake shut-off valves and stabilizer brackets from a Santa Ana based company called Little Firefighter. We carry their entire range of strong valves for residential homes and commercial buildings, ranging from 3/4″ to 2″. Their durable gas valves meet or exceed the requirements of the City of Los Angeles, are laboratory tested and certified, and come with a 30 year warranty. Plus, they are endorsed by the Los Angeles Area PHCC.

Gas Lines

Our licensed, insured, bonded, and BBB accredited plumbing company knows how to safely complete a gas line installation, or gas appliance connector installation, for residents and businesses located in our Los Angeles plumbing service areas.

Applications for a new gas line installation

Whether you want to turn your wood fireplace into one fueled by natural gas, add or convert an oil or electric appliance to use natural gas, you can depend on us for a gas line installation up to code. In addition, we can replace any gas appliance connector that may have weakened or corroded from too much moving and bending. Working with natural gas lines is a potentially dangerous undertaking, but our experienced plumbers can install a gas line according to code.

We have the knowledge to install a natural gas line, or gas connector, to any of these appliances for indoor or outdoor applications:

  • Gas Furnaces
  • Gas Water Heaters
  • Gas Dryers
  • Gas Jacuzzi Heater
  • Gas Firepits
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Gas Stove Ranges
  • Gas Pool Heater
  • Gas Ovens
  • Gas Cook-Tops
  • Gas Barbecue Grills
  • Gas Outdoor Lights

Water Heaters

When your water heater has too many leaks not worth fixing, and other recurring water heating problems, you need to make a decision to invest in a new water heater installation. We know what water heaters are most efficient for home installations. Whether you choose to buy a new hot water heater on your own, or let us buy and install a water heater to save you money, you should know some basic tips:

  • On average, a 40-50 gallon tank is usually sufficient for 4 people.
  • Choose an energy efficient water heater that has the ENERGY STAR® label on it.
  • Consider the “size” of the water heater in relation to its location. Measure the space where it will fit in your home.