is hydro jetting drain pipes worth it

Understand the Pros and Cons of hydro jetting drain pipes to help you decide whether it’s worth it.

You’ll learn how to evaluate a hydro jetting cost proposal by listing the advantages and disadvantages.

Judge for yourself whether hydro jetting drain pipes in your Los Angeles home or business is worth the expense. Base your buying decision on facts not opinions.

pros of hydro jetting drain pipes
  • Superior Cleaning Action
  • No Maintenance
  • No Chemicals
  • No Digging
  • No Snaking
cons of hydro jetting drain pipes
  • Expensive
  • High Water Consumption
  • Requires Plumber

Advantages of hydro jetting drain pipes

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  • Superior Cleaning Action: Hydro jetting scours the inner walls of pipes removing everything including things like grease, waste, mineral deposits and other residue that builds up over time to either slow down or completely block water flow. The powerful water pressure can even cut through stubborn tree roots.
  • No Maintenance: Hydro jetting requires little to no ongoing maintenance after the initial blockage is removed. The hydro jets clear away years of blockage within minutes. It’s unlikely the same clog problem will occur anytime shortly thereafter unless the original causes of drain clogs are repeated again, like pouring fats, oil and grease down the drain.
  • No Chemicals: Hydro jetting is an eco-friendly drain cleaning method that requires no chemicals. Only water is used.
  • No Digging: In some instances, hydro jetting drain pipes can eliminate the need for digging up a clogged pipe to replace. Excavating a drain pipe underground may be avoided.
  • No Snaking: The process of snaking a drain line has its limitations. Depending on the width of the snake’s tip, the clog may not be completely removed if the tip does not penetrate every angle. Hydro jetting has no tips. The water envelopes pipe’s entire diameter and flushes away all the clog debris.
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Disadvantages of hydro jetting drain pipes

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  • Expensive: On average, hydro jetting residential drain pipes in Los Angeles costs between $400 to $600. Pricing varies depending on the severity of the drain clog(s) and # of hours the technicians have to operate on-site.
  • High Water Consumption: The process of hydro jetting drain pipes demands high water consumption, so obviously it’s not the most sensible way to save water during a drought. California State Water Board regulations do not prohibit hydro jetting for residential or commercial applications. But this may change in the future if the drought crisis worsens and Californians don’t adopt water reduction strategies.
  • Requires Plumber: Hydro jetting is not a “do-it-yourself” project. It requires you hire a licensed plumber with hydro jetting experience and hydro jetting equipment.
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