Sewer Line Backing Up

What would cause such a mess, aside from not cleaning your home, is a sewer line that is clogged and it starts backing up from your tub and over flowing from your toilet. It can be a disaster! Sewer line back ups need Drain Cleaning services to be rendered. But to fix the issue permanently you would need a repair. When your Los Angeles home has a broken sewer line, do you know how much it will cost to repair it?

If your homeowners insurance will not cover exterior plumbing repairs, you may have to pay the expense out of pocket.

Therefore you want to be 100% comfortable the repair is done by a state licensed and BBB accredited plumbing company that is affordable and guarantees their work.

Since 2008 we have repaired hundreds of broken sewer lines with 0 complaints. We stand behind our guarantee that all our plumbing repairs will comply with local city codes and permits (if required), and will meet our pledge to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. We are proud of our A rating with the BBB and want to maintain our excellent record of repairing broken sewer lines.

Cost to repair a broken sewer line

In general we tell Los Angeles homeowners to repair a broken sewer line on their property will cost from $2,000 to $8,000 provided the exterior plumbing repair does not require alternative sewer pipe replacement methods like pipe lining and pipe bursting.

There is no fixed price (“one size fits all”) to repair a broken sewer line because every situation is different. We have to factor the labor time and additional materials or tools that may be required. For example, if the broken sewer line is located directly underneath a concrete surface (i.e. a walking path or driveway) or vegetation obstructions (i.e. tree and shrubs) we will estimate the cost to be more expensive because of the extra time required to dig, patch or replant the obstructions back to their original condition.

Every customer wants to be told their broken sewer line is located under a smooth grassy surface area with few rocks or roots. This scenario is less expensive because our techs need to use only a common shovel to dig the hole to access the broken sewer line, and backfill the dirt after the work is completed.

After you contact us and schedule a free estimate, we will want to perform a video camera inspection to determine the exact location and condition of the broken sewer line on your property.

Sometimes customers will tell us they had a camera inspection done by a different plumbing company. They ask us to determine our estimate based on their report findings (i.e. camera screen shots or video footage). We are extremely cautious to accept this situation because we have to base our estimate from another person’s inspection research. If that person failed to detect something, we would have no idea until we are hired to begin the work.

We offer a FREE camera inspection to estimate a broken sewer line repair ON THE CONDITION you hire us to complete the entire job. If you decide to hire a different plumbing company, our camera inspection fee would not be reversed on your credit card.

Causes of a broken sewer line

The primary causes of a broken sewer line are tree roots. For example, if the sewer pipe joints are not tight, roots in the surrounding soil will creep inside and continue to grow because they have a steady water source. Consequently the roots grow larger and expand inside the pipe. The additional pressure from the roots (pushing on the pipe’s inner surface and joints) weakens the pipe’s integrity. The joints can fail and cause the pipes to not align correctly.

Earthquakes can also cause a sewer line to break. Every Los Angeles homeowner dreads an earthquake on a large magnitude, but they pay little attention to the fact that every day earthquakes are occurring. They are so minor to not feel them. However, over time these tremors could slowly be shifting their sewer lines underground, especially since soil is amplified by an earthquake’s shaking. After years the sewer lines can suddenly separate or break. This scenario can be exacerbated if surrounding tree roots are also moving by earthquakes’ jerky or rolling movements.

Steps how to fix a broken sewer line

When we provide a broken sewer line estimate, homeowners ask how we can fix it without digging up their entire yard and making a mess.

Assuming the sewer line break is isolated to a single location (i.e. pipe joint) and there are no additional damage signs along the line leading from the clean out access (or continuing to the city main line) we explain the steps how to fix a broken sewer line.

We usually finish a standard sewer line repair in a single day. However it can take longer depending on factors out of our control (i.e. a Los Angeles City inspector’s availability to approve our work before allowing us to backfill the hole).