hire a plumber

It’s the start of a New Year and like most people you have a long list of self improvement New Year resolutions.

But what about home improvement New Year resolutions? How long have you been ignoring that note to self to “Hire a Plumber” and making up excuses?

The time to act is now.

Stop saying to yourself, “I’ll get around to it.” Pick up the phone and call our professional plumbers to get the job done right the first time.

Preventative Maintenance Checklist

We experience an increase of calls at the start of the New Year from Los Angeles homeowners who need to hire a plumber to do an assortment of plumbing related inspections, maintenance service or much needed repairs in their homes.

[Advantage List]
  • Inspect Water Heater: An annual checkup of your water heater is recommended. We offer various annual maintenance plans to inspect the condition and operation of your water heater, such as tank leaks and sediment buildup. If necessary, we will flush the water heater tank.
  • Hydro jet lines: Once a year it’s a smart idea to hydro jet your sewer and drain lines. Even if your lines appear to drain just fine, hydro jetting ensures the line is absolutely free of any debris like tree roots. Read more about the pros and cons of hydro jetting.
  • Inspect for Pipe Leaks: It goes without saying that if you detect water spots on your floors or walls you probably have a water leak. But sometimes the warning signs of a leaking pipe are not visible right away, especially if the leak just started. Therefore it’s smart to have us to thoroughly inspect your water pipes. We use top of the line leak detection equipment that allows us to listen for pipe leaks in sewer and drain lines, under concrete slabs, rocks and soil, and behind walls.
[/Advantage List]

It’s important every homeowner hire a plumber at least once a year for plumbing maintenance, especially if the home is old and has a history of plumbing problems. Annual inspections will ensure systems are running efficiently and smoothly and possibly lessen the need for more expensive and repairs in the future.

If you need to hire a plumber for any preventative plumbing maintenance or service repair in Los Angeles, call Coast to Coast Plumbing at 877-262-7861 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.