high efficiency toilets can ease los angeles drought

High efficiency toilets (HETs) reduce water use by 20% below the traditional 1.6 gallons-per-flush (gpf).

In response to Gov. Jerry Brown’s recent announcement that all Californians voluntary reduce water use by 20% to fight the California drought, we recommend all Angelinos learn how to reduce water use.

If Gov. Brown declares a mandatory water cutback that includes water utility rate hikes and penalties for non-compliance, will you be prepared?

Do you know what steps to take right now to save money on your next LADWP bill?

Here is a simple and affordable water saving tip for our Los Angeles customers and fans who want to avoid LADWP rate hikes:

Install high efficiency toilets (often referred to as low-flow toilets or low-flush toilets).

Our Los Angeles plumbers have the experience to retrofit or remodel any bathroom with old inefficient toilets with new high efficiency toilets.

Did you know that if a high efficiency toilet installation / replacement occurred in every Los Angeles single-family home, duplex, condo, and individual unit (within a multi-family building), the current Los Angeles water supply reserve would improve by 20%?

How we review high efficiency toilets

Our plumbers recommend, buy, and install premium, maximum performance high efficiency toilets for any budget based on a combination of these review factors:

As a licensed plumbing company in Los Angeles, we have special purchasing agreements with toilet wholesalers, distributors, plumbing supply houses, and retail outlets. This allows us to purchase a specific toilet for less money than its suggested retail price. Even after our markup, our final customer price is usually less than trying to buy it online or at local hardware store or chain.

Also, we take into consideration the cost of our labor installation, so in the final analysis we try our best to give customers the best possible price to complete every step of a high efficiency toilet installation.

All high efficiency toilets are not created equal. A specific model number is more important to us than its brand name.

We are familiar with the majority of premium models that deliver maximum performance for all residential applications or custom installations. For example, sometimes our plumbers will need to calculate if there is sufficient volumes of water based on additional water supply lines introduced near or on the same toilet fixture line, such as clothes washers, showers, dishwashers, etc.

When we start the review process, we make sure the toilet’s maximum full flush volume is 1.06 gallons to 1.28 gallons.

We then determine (based on customer feedback) whether it should be 1 or 2 pieces, has a round or elongated bowl shape, single flush or dual flush, gravity-fed or pressure-assisted.

In general, our final reviews of high efficiency toilets can be summarized as follows:

Gravity-fed, Single Flush high efficiency toilets, we recommend specific models by Contrac, Foremost, Dolphin, and TOTO.

Gravity-fed, Dual Flush high efficiency toilets, we recommend specific models by Caroma, Cobban, INAX, Lixil, and Unison Ridge.

Pressure-assisted, Single Flush high efficiency toilets, we recommend specific models by American Standard, Gerber, Kohler, Mansfield, and PROFLO.

High efficiency toilets rebates in Los Angeles

When you hire us to purchase high efficiency toilets, we take extra steps to investigate whether the toilet models qualifies for government rebates.

If you want to explore rebates for high efficiency toilets yourself, below you will find some helpful government resource links:

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