24 hour green drain cleaning

Green drain cleaning is a term used by licensed green plumbers in Los Angeles to promote the reduction of harmful chemicals into the environment and practice water conservation.

Drain cleaning a clogged line with liquids, gels or powders that contain dangerous toxic chemicals needs to stop.

The safer “green friendly” alternative is the use of enzyme drain cleaners. Sometime referred to as microbial or bacterial drain cleaners, they are simple, effective and environmentally friendly.

The ingredients of enzyme drain cleaners are millions of bacteria. When poured down a drain, they immediately begin to naturally eat away at the bio degradable clog waste. Within 1 minute each bacteria will consume its weight in waste. Within 30 minutes the bacteria will double in size and spread throughout the residential or commercial drain system. The bacteria do not harm or damage the pipe’s structural integrity or inner surface unlike some chemical drain cleaners.

Green drain cleaning product recommendations

When customers ask us what green drain cleaning products we use, we recommend Bio-Smart™ or Bio-Clean™. Both carry the EPA’s Design For The Environment label.

Bio-Clean drain cleaning


Bio-Smart drain cleaning


What’s nice about both of these enzyme drain cleaners is they can be used in any house drain like toilet drains, floor drains and garbage disposals. They can break down nasty odors common in garbage disposals, and eliminate that black sticky film in clogged floor drains where house flies and sewer flies lay their eggs.

Drain cleaners should NOT be a substitute to snaking or hydro jetting a clogged line. However, the monthly application of using green drain cleaning products like enzyme drain cleaners to maintain the health of drain lines and discourage tree root growth in sewer lines is recommended.
If you need a licensed green plumber in Los Angeles to use Bio-Smart™ or Bio-Clean™ to keep your residential or commercial drains from becoming clogged, call Coast to Coast Plumbing at 877-262-7861 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.