garbage disposal installation

When your in-sink garbage disposal is beyond repair and continues to not work, jam, or develops pipe leaks and drain clogs, we recommend a new garbage disposal installation. No more sink backups, leaking pipes, locked blades or a seized motor!

If you are located in our Los Angeles plumbing service areas, we can send a plumber to install a garbage disposal (or garbage disposer) in your kitchen sink today.

Reasons for a new garbage disposal installation

When customers call us with garbage disposal problems in their Los Angeles homes, we are quick to respond because nobody likes a disposer that can’t grind and wash down food waste in their kitchen sink. We educate our customers to make an informed decision whether a garbage disposal repair would be more expensive than a new garbage disposal installation.

While kitchen garbage disposals are designed to be durable, they can fail over time. Either individual parts or the whole unit itself will eventually need to be replaced.

  • Impellers are worn out, dull, chipped or broken
  • Insulator motor inside is burnt out
  • Reset button is broken
  • Power cord is frayed or brittle
  • Hopper chamber is cracked, broken or leaking
  • Flywheel is broken

Whatever the problem is, our qualified technicians will first try to repair it by replacing an individual part. But if we determine there are just too many unit problems, we’ll resort to installing a brand new device. Not only can we save you money if you allow us to buy and install a garbage disposal, we will ensure it meets your specific kitchen needs, like horse-power.

A new garbage disposal installment can also be avoided if used properly. Unfortunately too often we see a damaged unit as a direct result of customer negligence. Of course accidents can happen, unintended items fall into the disposer. But continuing to expose a garbage disposer to grease, large items, hard items, and fibrous foods like celery will eventually lead to malfunctions.

The same goes for putting too much demand on a garbage disposal with not enough horse power; expecting large industrial performance from a small residential unit.

Having problems trying to install or repair a garbage disposal on your own? STOP what you are doing and CALL US immediately at 877-262-7861. Make sure the circuit breaker (that powers your garbage disposal) remains OFF until one of our plumbers arrive. Don’t risk shocking yourself.