copper pipes repipe

A professional copper pipe installation throughout an old home (outfitted with antiquated and deteriorating iron pipes) provides numerous long term benefits.

We have years of copper repipe experience in our Los Angeles plumbing service areas.

We know how to properly replace old galvanized pipes with new copper pipes in order to prevent rust, bacteria growth, metal erosion, pipe leaks and bursts.

Remodeling benefits of a plumbing copper pipe installation

Copper pipes are more expensive because they are more durable and last longer than plastic pipes; but an investment that can add to your home’s resale value than plastic piping.

Additional benefits why plumbing copper pipes is least likely to cause you problems include:

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  • Copper pipes have a long-term proven plumbing performance record.
  • Copper pipes are impermeable; block contaminants from penetrating its walls.
  • Copper pipe joints withstand rapid pressure and temperature changes.
  • Copper pipes perform well in all weather and don’t easily thaw.
  • Copper pipes resist punctures and abrasions and don’t brittle with age.
  • Copper pipes inhibit the breeding of harmful germs.
  • Copper pipes don’t burn or give off smoke or toxic fumes when exposed to fire.
  • Copper pipes are virtually maintenance-free; low lifetime plumbing ownership cost.
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Over a period of time, zinc-coated pipes will start to rust and develop holes that can cause low water pressure and “brownish” water color that can smell bad.

With copper repiping, you never have to worry about rust corrosion or abrasions. Due to its smooth surface, you will get optimal water flow. Copper pipes are fire-resistant and come with long manufacturer warranties.

When we install copper water pipes, copper fittings, copper stop valves and copper supply lines throughout your home in Los Angeles, we consider 2 types of copper:

  • Flexible copper (soft copper)
  • Rigid copper (hard copper)

Soft copper can be easily bent and reformed to fit your home’s existing walls, tight places, and eliminates most bulky joints. It is the only type of copper tubing suitable for flare connections. Hard copper is approved for home water supply systems by all local codes due to its high internal working pressure.

If you are thinking about updating your pipes and drains, also known as “repiping”, or about to buy a home with copper pipes, contact us to schedule a copper pipe inspection and repipe price estimate.