Proceeding a video camera inspection, the method of drain cleaning by hydro jetting is usually the next step when preparing a sewer pipe replacement in Los Angeles.

We use various sizes of hydro jetters (1.25″ wide to 36″ wide) to clean and scour the inner surface of a clogged sewer pipe to “like-new” condition in Los Angeles.

When the water leaves the hydro jet nozzle, it’s traveling at a very high speed. It’s the speed, or velocity of the water, that actually does the cleaning or scouring of the pipe’s inner surface. The water pressure propels any debris forward through the damaged pipe

Hydro jetting to clean a drain line delivers these benefits:

  • Cuts Drain Roots
  • Removes Mineral Deposits
  • Removes Weeds
  • Removes Grease build
  • Removes Oil build up
  • Keeps Plumbing Lines Running Smoothly
  • Consumes Less Time
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