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Green drain cleaning

Green drain cleaning is a term used by licensed green plumbers in Los Angeles to promote the reduction of harmful chemicals into the environment and practice water conservation. Drain cleaning a clogged line with liquids, gels or powders that contain Read More →

Water pressure reduction strategy saves water

A water pressure reduction strategy begins by installing water pressure reducing valves. The use of such valves is one way for Los Angeles homeowners to decrease their daily water consumption and support Governor Jerry Brown’s plea to conserve water during Read More →

Water Heater strap bracing in Los Angeles

Recent Los Angeles earthquake activity raises water heater strap bracing concerns among homeowners. Are you prepared? When was the last time you performed a water heater strap bracing inspection? Is your water heater properly braced, anchored or strapped from falling Read More →

Life Saver Charity Donation Progam

We are proud to have a charity donation program that helps saves live and communities. We have made a commitment to partner with 4 wonderful nonprofit organizations that are making a difference in Los Angeles and the world. We believe Read More →

Sewer Pipe Lining Installation Guide

A Los Angeles sewer pipe lining installation should be performed by a licensed BBB accredited plumbing company that follows a specific set of instructions to get the job done right the first time. Coast to Coast Plumbing technicians are trained Read More →

Warning Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

A clogged sewer line in your Los Angeles home should be taken seriously. By failing to identify the warning signs, or ignoring them, you run the risk that things could get worse and result in costly sewer line repair bills Read More →
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