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Sewer Laterals Replacement in Los Angeles

Sewer laterals in Los Angeles homes older than 50 years have usually never been replaced. Eventually pipe fatigue will occur and result in cracks and leaks. Leaking sewer laterals cause raw sewage to be released into the ground which is Read More →

Clean out access or sewer clean out

“Do you have a clean out access or sewer clean out?” It’s one of the first questions you’ll be asked when you call Coast to Coast Plumbing about a clogged toilet, sink or sewage backup in your Los Angeles home. Read More →

Avoid using a cheap plunger

Before calling a plumber, many homeowners will try to clear their drain clogs using a cheap plunger. When it doesn’t do the job they wonder why. For starters, they need to re-examine the type of plunger they’re using. If you Read More →

Gas Leak Detection & Monitoring

If you suspect a gas leak inside your house or business, you will need our professional gas leak detection and gas monitoring services to locate the source of the gas leak. Many times we need to locate unmarked, underground piping Read More →

Hire a Plumber as New Year Resolution

It’s the start of a New Year and like most people you have a long list of self improvement New Year resolutions. But what about home improvement New Year resolutions? How long have you been ignoring that note to self Read More →

Avoid Plumbing Problems on Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, we remind our plumbers and support staff to be alert and ready to work hard. Nobody has the day off. The day after Thanksgiving is always one of the busiest drain cleaning days of the year for Read More →
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