Gas Leak Detection & Monitoring

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If you suspect a gas leak inside your house or business, you will need our professional gas leak detection and gas monitoring services to locate the source of the gas leak.

Many times we need to locate unmarked, underground piping systems on your property, like natural gas, water and sewer laterals.

Our gas leak detection plumbers in Los Angeles use state-of-the-art detection technology to do this accurately and quickly.
We are experts in gas leak detection & monitoring

According to a USA TODAY Network investigation, every 2 days a gas leak in the United States has destroyed property, hurt or killed someone since 2004.

Aging cast-iron and bare steel gas pipes are most susceptible to gas leaks because they can rust and corrode.
Don’t be a victim of a gas leak accident in your home or office. Be safe and schedule a gas leak detection & monitoring service from us today.

Our team of experts are known in Los Angeles for quickly and easily.

Locating gas leaks in homes and offices
Repairing gas leaks in homes and offices
Monitoring toxic gas levels in homes and offices

Our gas leak detection tools locate the voids in the ground created by a leaking gas pipe in minutes. No piping system access or major excavation is required to detect any pipe leak under solid materials like concrete slabs, behind walls, under rocks or soil materials, in sewer and drain lines, and many other applications. And best of all, our tools won’t scratch or damage any finished surfaces like drywall when pinpointing the source of a leak.

We can sniff the source of gas leak from any pipe material:

Plastic Pipe
Clay Tile
Metallic Pipe

Cast Iron
Concrete Pipe
Ductile Iron

Our underground location services are not limited to locating gas piping or piping systems where there is no tracer wire (or broken wire). We can use our tools for many other applications, including:

Locate Gathering Lines
Locate Sewer Laterals
Locate Water Lines

Locate Drainage Lines
Locate Electrical Conduit
Locate Fiber Optic Conduit

Our tools can detect and monitor one or more the following poisonous gas leaks that may be escaping into your home:

Natural Gas Blend
Carbon Monoxide – CO
Hydrogen Cyanide – HCN
Hydrogen Sulfide – H2S
Methane – CH4
Nitrogen Dioxide – NO2
Oxygen – O2
Propane- C3H8
Sulfur Dioxide – SO2
Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC

If you need to hire a plumber to detect the source of a gas leak or monitor the levels of gases inside your Los Angeles home, call Coast to Coast Plumbing at (877) 262-7861 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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