Avoid Using A Cheap Plunger

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Before calling a plumber, many homeowners will try to clear their drain clogs using a cheap plunger.

When it doesn’t do the job they wonder why.

For starters, they need to re-examine the type of plunger they’re using.

If you are using the simple type plunger that has a small suction-cup at the end, you will quickly discover it doesn’t provide the leverage and plunging power necessary to clear the majority of stubborn drain clogs.

Manufacturers sell these cheap plungers in various bright colors to “look cute” or use fancy sounding features like water-shedding or never wet to get you to buy. Don’t be fooled by their marketing.

Ask yourself, “What matters more? A useless piece of junk that matches your bathroom wall color or a strong tool that actually works? If the color or size of a plunger bothers you that much, then simply store it out of sight, like inside your cabinet underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Other problems you will encounter by using a cheap plunger include:

the suction cup’s so called water repellant coating wears off
the seal around the suction cup deteriorates causing the cup to fall off
the pole or handle snaps because it’s made of cheap plastic

It is important to always use a large heavy-duty rubber plunger. These plungers are either ball-shaped or employ a fold-out rubber flange on the bottom to form a seal.

Size does matter so the larger the plunger, the more suction force you will get.

The plunger should have a shape which ensures that the water you force out of it when you push down does not shoot back up into the toilet bowl instead of pushing into the drain.
Tips using a plunger

Wrap an old rag around the end of the plunger and press down on any leaks if it is not making a tight seal.
Run the plunger under hot water before using it. This will soften it up, which will help with creating a seal.
Use both hands on the pole for pumping leverage. Don’t think that merely holding the handle and pressing down will accomplish the same suction effect.
Don’t bother using the plunger method if you’re trying to clear a clog from an object (like a child’s toy).

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