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  • Detecting a Gas Leak

    gas leak detection

    Detecting a gas leak is something best left to our plumbers who use state-of-the-art detection technology to locate gas leaks (as well as monitor any toxic gas levels).

    Don’t be a victim of a gas leak accident in your home or office. Be safe and schedule a gas leak detection & monitoring service from us today.

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  • New Year Resolution to Hire a Plumber

    hire a plumber

    The New Year is here and that means setting New Year resolutions. Is hiring a plumber on your list of home improvement resolutions?

    Hire a plumber on January 1, 2015 to perform annual plumbing inspections or schedule plumbing maintenance service that you’ve been ignoring for months.

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  • Plumbing problems can ruin Thanksgiving

    avoid thanksgiving plumbing problems

    How can you celebrate Thanksgiving without plumbing problems? Read our checklist of 8 tips to learn how to avoid plumbing problems before, during and after Thanksgiving.

    While some tips are obvious, like never pouring fatty, oily or greasy items down your drains, others may not. A bit of common sense and preparedness can make a real difference.

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  • Is the Hydro Jetting Cost worth it?

    is it worth it

    Learn how to evaluate a hydro jetting cost proposal by reading our list of advantages and disadvantages.

    Weigh the pros and cons of hydro jetting drain pipes to help you decide if the effort, savings and investment is worth it.

    Base your final buying decision on facts, not opinion.

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  • 5 hydro jetting mistakes

    hydro jetting pipes mistake

    Contact us if a Los Angeles plumber made any of these 5 hydro jetting mistakes while drain cleaning clogs:

    • 1. Hydro jetted inside house drain lines
    • 2 + 3. Forgot the camera inspection before or after hydro jetting
    • 4. Failed to monitor water pressure buildup
    • 5. Inserted the hydro jetter at the wrong depth

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sewer repair los angeles
Emergency Sewer Repair Read More

We respond immediately to any emergency sewer repair, like removing tree roots in your sewer line, patching sections of a damaged sewer pipe, or cleaning a sewer backup problem.

drain cleaning clogs
Drain Cleaning Clogs Read More

Got a clogged kitchen sink, bathroom toilet, shower floor? Do their drains keep getting clogged or take forever to drain? Let our drain cleaning plumbers handle your clog problems today.

trenchless sewer repair los angeles
Sewer Pipe Replacement Read More

We are equipped and trained to use the latest trenchless sewer pipe replacement methods, like pipe lining and pipe bursting, to repair and replace collapsed, corroded, and leaking sewer pipes.

hydro jetting plumbing
Hydro Jetting Plumbing Read More

Hydro jetting is a far better drain cleaning solution than a traditional drain snake. Our hydro jetting plumbing specialists will hydro jet your drain line to remove the most stubborn clogs.


24 hour leak repair in los angeles
Pipe Leak Repair Read More

Is a leaking pipe causing water spots on your ceiling, wall, or floor? We can detect the source of the water leak and make the necessary emergency pipe leak repair.

gas line repair
Gas Line Leak Repair Read More

If your home has a gas leak, contact our gas line repair experts immediately. We know how to safely repair a gas line leak or fix a damaged gas line according to code.

24 hour water pressure service in los angeles
Water Pressure Service Read More

High water pressure or low water pressure .. call us for an emergency water pressure service visit to regulate your water pressure levels back to normal flow rates.

water heater repair
Water Heater Repair Read More

No hot water? Not enough hot water? These could be signs your water heater is failing or has failed. Our water heater repair techs will troubleshoot & fix the problem fast.


faucet installation remodeling
Faucet Installations Read More

Call us for a professional faucet installation if remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, garage or utility room.

toilet installation remodeling
Toilet Installations Read More

When remodeling a bathroom we recommend the new toilet installation be highly efficient and eco-friendly.

tankless water heater installation remodeling
Water Heater Installations Read More

We explain the pros and cons of a “tankless” water heater installation vs a traditional “tank” water heater (gas, oil, electric) to help you plan all your household water needs.

water supply line installation remodeling
Water Line Installations Read More

Providing custom water supply line installation solutions to meet your plumbing remodeling needs when replacing household appliances and fixtures.

shower fixtures installation remodeling
Shower Fixtures Installations Read More

We will modernize your bathroom with any shower fixtures installation, like shower heads, shower jets, and shower sprays.

copper pipes installation remodeling
Copper Pipes Installations Read More

Leave it to our professional copper pipes installation experts to replace your old pipes by installing new copper pipes.